Hello everyone! So, you might be wondering who am I?
And, this probably has to be one of the most difficult write-ups of all because introducing oneself is... umm, confusing. Right? Suddenly, I don’t know myself. Except for my name. So, let me begin with that.

I’m Dr. Rishika Sahay.
Well, the most impactful part about my name is the prefix that’s attached to it! So, why not use its impact to the maximum? I’m here to talk about everything related to dentistry without those complicated scientific terms that people around me don’t understand. Because if you knew what ‘mamelons’ are, why would you be here?
Regardless of the reason why you’re here, WELCOME!
I hope my write-ups add some value to your life and help you in any way possible!


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Keep Smiling Guys!



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Mumbai, India

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