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As I mentioned in my previous blog, today we are going to talk about the toothbrush market in India, about some Indian Brands, where are these toothbrushes made, etc.

India manufactures a great variety of toothbrush but the only problem in this market is that there is very few Indian “Brands” present. Most of the companies manufacture products for already established foreign Brands so there are very few companies in India with their own brand of the toothbrush.

Even if there are a few toothbrush brands present, they lack variety and that’s the reason it’s not as popular as the foreign brands. The overall toothbrush market in India really needs to take its game up, especially now when there is so much demand for it.

I’m still going to list down some good Indian toothbrush brands which I found good enough to be recommended to my audience.

1. Patanjali is by far the best option available in the market when it comes to conventional toothbrushes. They also have a good variety with bristles for Sensitive Teeth, Active Care, Kids, and Triple Action.

2. There’s nothing that I could find when it comes to a sonic or electric toothbrush in the Indian market which is actually the need of an hour right now.

3. I came across this brand which makes products for both kids & adults, "AQUAWHITE". They have a good range of toothbrushes suitable for kids of all age groups, unlike other Indian brands. And even for adults, they have a really good range of products.

4. However, I wish there were some brand with products like finger toothbrush, teethers, training toothbrush, etc. which makes an entire dental kit for kids.

5. The next thing which I am going to suggest is the use of organic bamboo toothbrushes. NOT BAMBOO STICKS, toothbrushes. With climate change being an ultimate issue right now in the world, it’s very important to make responsible decisions in order to prevent that as well.

6. There are two brands I came across, NICOBAR & HIMALAYA which manufacture some good quality bamboo toothbrushes.

7. They have easy to grip handle, bristles made majorly of castor bean with the addition of nylon which is so much better than 100% nylon. Also, its BPA free, which adds on to your health along with the environment.

8. Both brands are really nice and easily accessible. The only problem is that it does not have variety. You cannot get triple action, extra-fine bristles, or electric toothbrushes in this particular variety of toothbrushes.

9. So unless you are someone who has muscle coordination problem, or some problem which does not let you learn & adapt proper tooth brushing technique, I would always recommend you to switch to these bamboo toothbrushes and spend that extra time, money and effort in perfecting your technique rather than relying on a toothbrush to do that for you.

10. There are many more Indian Brands like Plastic Free Madras, Soft, The Royal Toothbrush, etc. which I came across during my research. However, I couldn’t get my hands on it, but if you have tried let us know how it was.

If you have tried any of the above-mentioned brands, your review in the comments would be really appreciated. Also, if you know about any better Indian Toothbrush Brands which I may have not listed above, do mention them in the comments and let maximum people know about it.

This shift to only Indian brands is a really long process. You cannot just boycott all the brands you’ve been using that’s totally fine because it also generates so much employment in India as manufacturing of most of the famous foreign brands takes place here in India.

So, encourage these Indian brands as much as possible, because you never know this may uplift many more small businessmen, and all the things which are lacking in the Indian market right now, might change in a few years. The purpose of this blog is just to help you make an informed and responsible decision, when it comes to buying basic things for yourself. I hope we did that well.

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