• Dr. Rishika Sahay

All You Need To Know If You Are Facing Sensitivity

Do you also experience that unpleasant feeling in your teeth after having anything hot, cold or sour?

Most of the people I’ve seen, neglect this problem! They simply stop having food which makes their teeth sensitive, or tolerate the pain once in a while because the pain very short lived. People tend to accept this problem and start living with it by compromising on things! But have you ever wondered why to compromise and live with it if you can prevent or treat this? And just by following a few simple steps!

The most important step in prevention of any disease is identifying its cause.


Our teeth has 2 hard layers that you need to know about: Enamel (white) and Dentin (pink).

  1. The parts which protect this dentin are enamel (white portion in crown), your gums and cementum (white portion in root).

  2. This exposure of dentin might be due to a number of reasons like

  • Cavity

  • Erosion of upper layer of teeth due to acids (usually acids from stomach seen in people with a problem of indigestion or vomiting)

  • Improper brushing techniques

  • Grinding of teeth (some people have a habit of doing that in sleep)

  • Excessive clenching of teeth (the thing you do with your teeth when you are really cold or angry)

  • Recession of gums etc.

So now that you know what causes sensitive teeth, all you have to do is to make sure you stop repeating these mistakes that harms the outer layers of your teeth and save your teeth from sensitivity!

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