• Dr. Rishika Sahay

No More Bad Breath

We know that the best feeling in the world is kissing someone for the first time when you’ve really wanted to kiss them for a long time. But what if your bad breath messes that up? Bad breath can be a major turn off for a majority of people and can keep you away from most of the social events with friends, family, or colleagues.

So, if you’re suffering from this problem or even if you are just vigilant about it and never want to go through it, I’m going to help you with that.

Most of you must be aware of those chewing gums, minty toothpaste, mouthwash, spray to make sure you have fresh breath. You can always use these measures to stay away from that bad breath but these products only mask your problems. The real problem is still there. These mouth fresheners are only going to work for a brief amount of time. To solve the real problem, the most important step is to find out why you have that bad breath.


Most people (90%) experience bad breath because of some unwanted bacteria present in your mouth. The act on the fluids and stuck food debris present in your mouth and form a gas that smells bad. This happens because of food debris or dirt which stays stuck to your teeth or tongue. There can be a number of reasons behind that

1. Gum disease

2. Tooth decay

3. Reduced spit/saliva, which flushes out all the dirt mechanically if produced in adequate amounts. (For people taking antidepressants, chemotherapy, diabetics, etc.)

4. Ulcers present in the mouth.

5. Dentures, caps, braces, etc. which if not cleaned properly, can act as retentive areas for all the dirt.


1. A respiratory infection like sinusitis

2. Gastric ulcers

3. Constipation

4. Menstruation

5. Uncontrolled Diabetes

6. Having garlic, onion, tobacco, etc.


1. Keeping your teeth clean. Good oral hygiene solves the problem for almost 90% of people.

2. Clean your tongue using tongue cleaner regularly. It keeps the bacterial load of your mouth low and most people tend to avoid this step.

3. If you have any denture, cap, bridge, or braces in your mouth, make sure you keep it clean. And there is no food lodgment around it.

4. Get all your other dental treatment done.

5. Keep yourself hydrated.

6. If you have less spit due to any reasons, you can try chewing sugar-free chewing gums to induce more production of spit or consult your dentist for the same.

7. Gargle using home-made mouthwash (cinnamon, cardamom, honey, and water)

8. Oil pulling using cold-pressed sesame oil or coconut oil.

9. Avoid daytime sleep or sleeping on the stomach.

10. If you have any problem listed in the non-oral sources, make sure you consult your doctor and get your treatment done at the earliest.

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